Agoda Travel Reviews – Why You Shouldn’t Book With Agoda


If you’re planning to book your next vacation or staycation through Agoda, you should know that they have terrible customer service and you should take legal steps to get any problems resolved. Fortunately, there are a number of Agoda travel reviews online that will help you make the best decision possible. These reviews cover topics like Customer service, Cancellation policy, and Refunds if you’re forced to cancel or shorten your stay.

Customer service

Agoda’s Customer Service team responds to complaints quickly and efficiently but isn’t as responsive as some of its competitors. While it’s true that they don’t offer live chat services, Agoda does have an online customer support center. The website also offers several tools to help consumers contact companies. For instance, you can read other people’s experiences and learn about tips and tricks to contact a company more quickly.

Agoda also offers cashback rewards to its valued users. However, this cashback is subject to the terms and conditions of the cashback program. In such cases, Agoda reserves the right to suspend your participation in the program. The terms and conditions of the cashback reward differ from one country to another.

When using your cashback reward, make sure to follow all the rules and requirements. Otherwise, Agoda has the right to reject your request.

Cancellation policy

If you’ve made a booking with Agoda, the cancellation policy is easy and transparent. You can easily cancel your booking by sending an email to the cancellation support department. Typically, a cancellation request will be processed within ten days. However, if you decide to cancel your reservation after this time, you might be charged a processing fee.

You should also make sure that you print your itinerary before you travel, so you can reference it whenever you need to. While you’re on vacation, you should never forget to double-check your correspondence. This is particularly true in the travel sector, where scammers can pose as reputable companies. You don’t want to be caught by a scam artist!

Another way to find out if a particular travel site is reliable is to read online reviews. If there are several complaints, it might indicate a pattern. On the other hand, an isolated incident may not affect your overall travel experience. Some travelers have complained about problems with Agoda’s cancellation policy, namely that their bookings are frequently canceled close to the travel dates.

Refunds for shortened stays

If you are unhappy with your booking and need to cancel it, Agoda offers an easy refund process. However, shortening your stay will result in a penalty charge, which will be deducted from your refund. You should make sure that you are clear on this issue before booking. The cancellation deadline is usually fourteen days before your scheduled arrival date.

If you decide to cancel your stay, you should make sure you notify Agoda as soon as possible. If you make your cancellation request prior to the due date, you will receive a full refund. However, if you cancel after this date, the refund will be delayed for at least 10 days.

When looking for a good hotel, consider reading reviews on the website. Make sure to check whether people have a complaint about the property. It is best to go for a hotel with over 100 reviews, and preferably a star rating of nine or higher.

Cost of booking through Agoda

You may be thinking about booking a hotel or hostel through Agoda, but you may not be sure how much it will cost. Many hotels on Agoda accept a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards. However, you should consider Agoda’s terms and conditions and price policy before you make a booking. In addition, make sure to read customer reviews.

Agoda’s pricing is competitive and often lower than booking directly through hotels. This is because Agoda purchases the rooms in bulk and then sells them individually. This allows Agoda to negotiate with host owners, giving them the advantage of negotiating lower rates. In turn, this benefits both guests and hosts.

However, you should be wary of Agoda’s fake reviews. If a review is too positive or doesn’t provide any specific details, it is probably a fake. You should also keep an eye out for reviews posted within a short period of time. This could be part of a marketing campaign. If there is a big gap in dates between reviews, this could also be a sign of something fishy.