Age Verification Solution – An Ultimate Way of Securing Minors’ Identity

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Covid-19 has reached its peak worldwide and restricted everyone to stay inside. Staying at home with no activity compelled everyone to use digital platforms for shopping, playing games, making online transactions, and much more. This accumulation of the use of websites for common tasks especially related to money transactions raises the chances of scams. For the prevention of such scams, all online businesses adopt online age verification solutions. Some digital businesses introduce the checkboxes button of “I am above 18”, details of the date of birth, which helps businesses to extract fake data of an entity. Alcohol selling and online gaming are easily identified through the KYC process.

An Overview of Online Age Verification

Age check is a procedure to identify the age of a customer from his identity documents to find out if the person meets the requirements or not. All these steps are done through automatic means, not manually. Manual verification is a traditional way of verification, which takes a long time and is not the demand of the current regulation. That is why automated age verification is used to detect fake entities and this is a Saas that is required to verify age globally to resolve these issues.

How Age Checks Are Performed?

The age verification process constitutes several steps. It is a protected and smooth procedure that highlights the results in real-time and saves the hard work of relevant businesses. Some steps are given below that have to be followed for the identification of age such as:

  • The end-user is bound to submit his details like date of birth and show his government-approved identity card, passport, and driving license to the camera.
  • Online age verification detects the documents and extracts the concerned information through OCR services.
  • Then the details like the date of birth are double-checked and matched with the data provided by the clients.
  • After the successful match, age is verified and results are saved for future investigations.

Why is Online Age Verification the Need of the Hour for Businesses?

In businesses, it is very important to identify the age as it can take an entity towards legal punishment in the shape of hundreds of dollars when legal actions are also considered to be taken if the identity check is not performed properly. The basic reason for this verification is that all pages and website services are not for all age groups. For this, all owners of authoritative online business services should be aware before selling their products online. Here are some reasons why age identification is compulsory:

To Examine Fake Entities

Minors use the identity documents of their guardians for online shopping. If an online business will not take interest in the verification of the clients, it will affect their reputation drastically. Apart from this, fraudsters use stolen identities to get advantages for themselves. These benefits include pensions of old age people, their funds, etc. They use such false identities in a legal way so that they can not be caught easily.

To Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Financial institutions practice the process of age verification of the clients to meet the requirements of world regulatory frameworks. There are different states with different rules and regulations, for example, the UK and USA consider age verification solutions mandatory for all organizations, and in case of non-compliance, heavy punishments are imposed. Such age verification helps businesses to elevate their market status and value.

Products That Are Age Restricted

Age verification is employed for the protection of children to buy age-restricted products which are sold online by different online sites. Those age-restricted products include:

  • Online gaming
  • Pharmaceutical Medicines
  • Cannabis and Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Online games that are not for underage people
  • Digital websites for dating
  • Gambling sites
  • E-commerce stores

What Happens if Businesses are not Using Age Verification Services

An organization can face multiple threats for not using an age verification solution. which are given below:

  • The status and reputation of the brands become negative
  • Financial threats and obligations
  • Punishments and Fines

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, it is assumed that the digital age verification solution is important for all online businesses for the prevention of false identities from minors. Age verification services online help organizations to determine the age of their customers before selling any product or giving them any service, this can save them from fines and penalties.

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