Add a Fresh Greenery Twist to Your Home With a Crochet Plant Hanger


Add an airy element to your home with a crochet plant hanger! These free patterns elevate your plants when space becomes an issue on tables or floors.

Explicitly crafted to suit air plants, this pattern features a textured popcorn stitch with simple single and double crochet stitches for quick assembly in the afternoon.

How to Make a Crochet Plant Hanger

Plants add life and greenery to any home, making crochet plant hanger patterns so popular – they are easy to make and look fantastic hung in windows or on porches!

While some crocheters prefer yarn for these projects, any rope or cord can be used to craft a plant hanger. Macrame ropes or twine work well as these materials won’t stretch – making macrame cheaper than cotton yarn!

If you want to try making a crochet plant hanger, begin with this simple pattern that requires only simple stitches like single and double crochet. It is designed for rounder plant pots such as succulents or similar plants and adds visual interest with its textured stitching design.

Star-shaped plant hangers offer another simple and efficient solution for hanging small air plants or cacti. This design quickly fits a pot size of 4-6″ (10-15 cm). Plus, this project is an excellent way to use leftover yarn or create quick projects as gifts!

This modern plant holder design is perfect for those who appreciate a more minimal aesthetic. Crafted with crochet rings linked by single crochet stitches, its compact dimensions make it suitable for most sizes of glass containers.

This boho-inspired plant holder, created from recycled t-shirt yarn, makes an eye-catching statement about your brightly-hued succulents or other plants. This project can be completed quickly – you could finish in under an hour!

This plant holder is perfect for anyone with limited indoor space who wants to showcase their greenery. Plus, it makes a statement about your love of nature – making an attractive statement piece on any patio or deck!


Crochet plant hangers are an easy and fun way to add flair to any room in your home or as the perfect gift! All it takes to get started are basic supplies such as yarn and hook, then choose your stitch pattern and begin crocheting your masterpiece!

Macrame-inspired crochet is an effortless project to add a modern hippie boho vibe to any living space, adding functionality and visual interest! Crocheting in the round with a unique combination of single and double crochet stitches produces a basket capable of holding multiple plants, complete with fringe and tassel details that can quickly add visual interest – plus, it boasts fast design benefits!

Get outside this spring weather by adding plants to your porch or patio. Craft this crochet plant hanger using fade-resistant, mold-resistant outdoor yarn – great for accommodating multiple small pots with plants such as succulents! Its mesh design distributes weight evenly, so your plants won’t topple over easily!

This quick and colorful crochet planter project will brighten any corner of your house! A granny square forms the basis for this design, but with any color combination you choose as the base color! Furthermore, any size planter can be made to meet specific requirements; any yarn type suitable to your personal aesthetic can also be used!

If you need something fast, portable, and simple to keep you occupied while waiting in a carpool line or sitting by the beach, this crochet plant holder project could be just what you’re searching for! Crafted using super chunky yarn and completed within an hour – a great way to recycle those old t-shirt yarn scraps that may have accumulated!

Bring out your green thumb with this free crochet plant hanger pattern! By combining single and double crochet, this unique design lets you show off your favorite plant while keeping it out of the way. Its captivating fringes and tassels will draw everyone’s eye, adding the finishing touches to your porch or kitchen!

Crochet Stitches

Crochet stitches make an excellent choice for plant hangers because they’re durable enough to support the weight of plants without stretching out, don’t mind getting wet, and can be made using various yarn types – cotton yarn being particularly well suited to this task as it’s both affordable and flexible – meaning this project doesn’t stretch out like acrylic does!

If you’re searching for an easy crochet planter pattern that works quickly and smoothly, this single crochet planter could be exactly what you need! Crafted quickly using double and single crochet stitches, it can easily fit any pot size – showing off your green thumb! It’s sure to impress.

This crochet planter pattern is another quick and straightforward project, using double crochet stitches in the round for quick assembly. Perfect for water-conserving succulents like cacti and succulents that don’t require regular watering needs, its design adds flair and distinction to your home decor.

This boho crochet planter is an easy and beginner-friendly project, taking only an hour or so to complete. Although designed specifically to hold air plants without soil requirements, its size can easily accommodate other potted plants or flowers as needed.

These crochet planter patterns are easy and fun to highlight your greenery while adding texture and visual interest to your home. Plus, they require little yarn – perfect stash-buster projects!

If you love the macrame look but prefer something more accessible and more durable to maintain, consider these free crochet planter patterns. Designed specifically to hang small plants and herbs from hooks or hooks. It is also great for corralling cacti or succulent cuttings to start new plants immediately!

Are you curious to try your hand at crochet planter patterns? Look no further! Check out this collection of free Plants with Yarn Blog Hop designs! You’ll find 29 additional plant-inspired crochet patterns plus four bonus ones here. Don’t wait – grab one today by clicking here or in the image below!


Crochet plant hangers make an attractive and unique gift, perfect for decorating any room in your home or giving an inexpensive treat to friends and family. Easy to create and a fantastic way to use up yarn scraps, crochet plant hangers can also be made using cotton or acrylic yarn, and cotton is recommended as it has less stretch than acrylic yarn.

There are various crochet plant hanger patterns available. From simple designs to more complex ones, each comes with instructions for following them closely, and stitch markers are valuable tools in keeping track of your work. No matter which pattern you choose, you must follow them precisely as instructed and use stitch markers to track progress.

These boho-inspired macrame crochet plant hangers are the ideal way to display greenery and succulents. Easy to create and aesthetically pleasing when paired with wooden accents, you can add tassels or beads at either end for additional flair!

This elegant crochet plant hanger can be made quickly in just a few hours using basic single and double crochet stitches to form an open weave design – an ideal project for new crocheters!

This plant holder project is an ideal way to upcycle old twine, rope, or yarn scraps into something practical and stylish. Crafted entirely with chains and knots – no gauge is necessary! This quick and straightforward project is suitable for any pot or flower size!

This charming plant holder will add charm to your home or office. Constructing it quickly makes this project ideal for beginners exploring their single and double-crochet stitches; it is perfect for displaying small plants!

The Neverending Star crochet plant hanger is an easy pattern that can be completed quickly in just a few hours. Featuring a fun star design, this wall hanging can hold multiple types of plants.