Accidently clicked on spam link – The better way to deal with it

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Accidentally clicked on spam link – It has become almost impossible to save yourself from growing spammers. Every day there are queries on the internet about what to do after I have accidentally clicked on a spam link. Hence, this blog is for everyone who wants to save themselves from such happenings. And wish to learn the correct steps and processes to follow if they click on phishing links. We will share how to identify if you get hacked and what to do about it.

Have You Ever Accidentally Clicked On Spam Link?

It is such a frightening feeling when you realize that you have become prey to phishing links. But how to confirm if you have been hacked or not? There are two possibilities. One is hacking, and the other is the installation of malware. Follow the below steps to double-check whether someone has gained access to your credentials.

Step 1: Close the browser. You need to shut down that specific tab if not the browser. This way, you might save yourself from hackers who could not catch your sensitive information yet.

Step 2: Use a URL or a bookmark you’ve already saved or are familiar with to go to the genuine site. That website should be something where it requires your id and password.

Step 3: You need to change your password for that website. Examine the information on how to regain your account. If you can’t sign in, it means the hackers may have changed your credentials. If this is the case, they have compromised with your profile.

What To Do After?

After you have accidentally clicked on a spam link, there is total confusion about what to do next? It is better to assume the worst at such times. So that you can prepare yourself if something malicious happens. That means you should consider the account in question about whether they have hacked it. You should take steps immediately to secure it, beginning with changing the password.

Unfortunately, it also means that they have compromised your machine as well. We suggest you also start running full anti-malware scans using your security software right away. There are chances that nothing will turn up, which is a good sign. But stay on guard for anything suspicious that might have resulted from clicking that phishing link.


In most cases, when someone accidentally clicked on a spam link, it always displays a website. In the event of targeted scamming, the website may appear similar to another site you’re familiar with, but it isn’t. It’ll almost always be a sign-in webpage, and you’ll feel prompted to log in to the profile that the page is attempting to imitate. So save yourself from such emails and always log in on genuine websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I accidentally clicked on spam link, will it download malware on my computer?

Although it's less likely, mistakenly responding to a misleading will open the doors for malware to enter your machine. If you have accidentally clicked on spam link, you may have unintentionally given them permission to install and launch malware.

What to do after malware got into my computer by some scam link?

If you believe this really is the case, then do a full anti-malware scan with your antivirus software. It is to understand what occurred and audit if there was anything fishy about your system.

How to spot the scammers?

Most scammers are curious about your login information. Do not spread or share them unnecessarily. Only give out this information on the relevant websites. Other than that, everything is fine as far as you don't engage with them.

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