A new gold duplication bug in the New World

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It appears that a new gold duplication bug in the game was discovered almost immediately after Amazon Games released a patch to mitigate the problem, according to players in the New World. Players in the massively multiplayer online buy new world gold New World have discovered a new gold duplication bug, which has been exploited by third-party actors.



It was discovered that a bug that had not previously been identified had been introduced shortly after the developer released a patch to prevent the abuse of the exploit. In order to prevent players from abusing a gold dupe glitch that had occurred as a result of the reintroduction of the game’s server transfer service, the most recent patch from Amazon Games disabled all wealth transfers in New World, according to the developer. A gold dupe glitch that had occurred as a result of the reintroduction of the game’s server transfer service, according to the developer, was disabled as a result of the reintroduction of the game’s server transfer service, according several players have reported being unable to send currency, access the guild treasury and trading post, or trade with other players as a result of an alleged Amazon fix.

Those who have resorted to abusing gold duplication exploits in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) New World should not be surprised by the recent economic deflation crisis that has afflicted the virtual world. The limited opportunities for players to earn enough gold to cover many of the game’s expenses, such as taxes and gear repairs, led to a significant increase in the amount of gold being hoarded, which had a significant impact on the overall situation. To avoid spending any gold in the New World expansion as a result of the deflation, players were forced to use bartering as a last resort in order to avoid spending any gold in the expansion. Because of deflation in the new world gold for sale‘s trading post, not only did the prices of game items on the trading post drop, but the trading post itself was forced to close, forcing players to rely on bartering.

In a post on the game’s subreddit, xAleksas revealed that they had discovered a new gold duplication glitch while playing the Cheap new world gold while playing the game. Amazon’s decision to disable wealth transfers in the game, they claim, has resulted in the development of a new method for initiating a gold dupe exploit as a result of the company’s decision to disable wealth transfers. Amazon has categorically denied all of the allegations. Amazon has not responded to the allegations leveled by the plaintiffs in their lawsuit against it. They believe that after applying the wealth transfer-preventing patch, new world coins for sale starting a town upgrade in one of the buy new world coins’s numerous settlements will result in a situation in which the player’s gold is not taken away from them, resulting in the upgrade task not actually being started. Upon returning to their game and restarting it, it is rumored that the cost of the upgrade is allegedly deducted from their company’s wallet as a result of this action by the player.

According to the most recent New World patch, it appears that this new variant of the gold duplication glitch was introduced as a result of the removal of wealth transfers from the game – although it is unclear whether this change was made without also disabling some of the functions that were previously associated with the glitch. In the event that the gold payment does not go through, it is possible that the New World town upgrade task will not be able to be started as a result. As a result, it is possible that the game will incorrectly log that the player’s money should be returned as a result of the player failing to complete the upgrade task and the upgrade not being completed. If the player encounters this bug while logging out of the game, he or she will most likely receive the unpaid payment from the server in their wallet, as well as any remaining unspent gold, when they log back into the game for the first time.

Taking advantage of this glitch is made significantly easier because it does not necessitate the transfer of players between servers, as was required in the case of the previous New World gold duplication bug. Only town upgrades and logging in and out are available to players, making an exploit much easier to execute than in previous games of this series. According to previous statements made by Amazon Games, the company keeps track of all gold transactions in order to identify and blacklist exploit abusers who violate the terms of service. It is possible as a result of this that those who take advantage of the new gold dupe glitch will be banned from the game at some point in the near future as a result of their actions. The studio may have an easier time identifying perpetrators this time around because of the alleged prohibition on wealth transfers, which is a good thing.


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