A 14mm Reclaim Catcher Is a Must-Have For All Dabbers


Reclaim catchers are simple yet effective ways to reduce waste, keeping your dab rig cleaner for longer. All dabbers should consider investing in one. Best way to find the Reclaim Catcher.

Attach the reclaim catcher to your nail or banger, heat and dab as usual, then watch as any excess reclaim falls into its removable silicone jar inside the reclaim catcher.

Glass Tube

Dab rigs are essential tools for anyone hoping to take their dabbing experience to the next level, yet many beginners can be intimidated by the range of accessories available to them. One convenient attachment for any dab rig is a reclaim catcher; this device helps reduce waste by collecting the oil that would otherwise go down your rig, as well as making cleaning and maintenance more accessible than ever.

Reclaim catchers are accessories you can add to the end of your dab nail or banger to collect reclaimed oil, providing you with an accessible collection. They typically feature either a glass cup or silicon jar that you can plug into the bottom for accessible collection of your reclaim. They come in both 14mm and 18mm sizes with both male and female joints, perfect for water pipes and dab rigs alike, helping save money by recycling old oil while keeping the area cleaner.

Dab Catchers are easy to use. Attach it to the bottom of your rig or water pipe, connect your banger or nail, heat it, dabber away – and as your unvaporized wax drips down into its cup or silicone jar at the bottom, your dab catcher will catch it, and prevent you from losing precious concentrates!

Reclaim catches are ideal for beginners as they require minimal setup or maintenance. Their simple design makes cleaning them effortlessly while keeping your rig tidy and makes repurposing excess wax easy – helping ensure no precious concentrates go to waste.

Silicone Jar

Reclaim catchers can help reduce waste and keep your rig cleaner. They also ensure your concentrates stay fresh for extended use, making reclaim catchers an economical investment. They’re easy to install, with many sizes and styles made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, and equipped with silicone jars so you can collect any oil residue after each dab or “reclaim.”

Reclaim catchers are attachments designed to fit on top of water pipes or dab rigs and collect any remaining reclaim from bangers or nails, saving your wax for later use and making dabbing sessions more efficient. They serve as an easy way to save wax while simultaneously increasing efficiency during dabbing sessions.

Reclaim catchers feature a base designed to hold a silicone jar securely, making harvesting any remaining oil an effortless experience. They come in various colors and provide 45 or 90-degree angle bend options as well as 14mm and 18mm joint sizes – offering flexible harvesting of oil at your convenience!

To use a reclaim catcher, attach it to your banger or nail using its attachment style and connect the jar to its opening. Once it has filled up with reclaimed oil, remove and transfer it into another container – such as adding it to bowls or J’s or just dabbing it again!

Reclaim catchers are an indispensable addition to any dab rig or water pipe. Easy to use and highly effective, they make dabbing sessions more efficient and enjoyable. When selecting your reclaim catcher, it must fit with both your joint size and attachment style; there are plenty of choices out there, so find one that best meets your needs; practice will enable you to utilize your new accessory and minimize waste while maximizing efficiency.

Reclaim Catcher

Reclaim catchers can be an indispensable addition to your dabbing arsenal, helping reduce waste and make dabbing much more efficient. They make upgrading or starting much simpler; make your dabbing experience truly effective with one!

This high-quality glass reclaim catcher comes equipped with a removable silicone jar on the bottom for storage purposes. With 14mm male connections for compatibility with both water pipes and bangers, as well as Keck clips to secure it to its place, this device catches any debris left from the vaporization of your dabbed material. Furthermore, its clear glass allows you to watch as your dabbs vaporize!

Reclaim catchers make using your rig easy: connect it to its joint, attach your nail or banger, heat and dab as usual – and the reclaim catcher will capture any excess concentrates for later use! When not in use, remove its lid for storage purposes.

Reclaim catchers come in various styles, yet all serve the same essential purpose. Some are curved, while others are straight with a silicone dish attached at their bottom; some are constructed with durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, while others feature food-grade silicone for easy maintenance; many models are even dishwasher safe for added convenience!

Beginners may benefit from using a reclaim catcher to prevent their precious waxes from going down the drain. These handy accessories feature a small chamber at their base that collects any leftover concentrates that might otherwise go to waste, as well as keeping their rig clean. Reclaim catchers also serve as an effective way of practicing techniques or testing new flavor combinations.

Reclaim catcher connectors (commonly referred to as reclaimers) can be used with both glass and titanium bangers for dabbing practice without worrying about waste. They’re an excellent way for novice dabbing enthusiasts to develop their dabbing techniques without waste while acting as an easy alternative to standard ash catchers that may be hard to clean.

Joint Angle

Reclaim Catchers are essential accessories for any dabbing enthusiast, reducing waste by collecting any extra concentrate in a silicone jar for convenient access and storage. They come equipped with 14mm male threaded fittings at 90-degree angles for compatibility with various dab rigs and water pipes, as well as removable silicone containers to add added convenience.

Reclaim Catchers are designed for easy use, making the experience effortless. Connect this reclaim catcher to the joint of your dab rig, attach your nail or banger, and begin dabbing away! The reclaim catcher will collect any leftover residue after wiping that may remain and can easily be removed to access concentrate. It also makes cleanup and maintenance hassle-free!

If you’re in search of an exceptional, lightweight reclaim catcher to use with your dab rig or water pipe, look no further than MK Glassworks’ model. It is constructed with two ground joints sitting at 90 angles and featuring the iconic MK Glass logo on its body. Available in several colors and equipped with an easy-access removable silicone chamber to retrieve and clean out, it makes retrieving and cleaning an efficient process.

MK Glassworks’ Reclaim Catcher is designed to enhance your dabbing experience by minimizing residue left behind after each session. Constructed of clear glass so you can see the buildup as your dabs percolate through, its funnel-shaped design prevents spillage or overflow while dabbing sessions take place and features ergonomic handle grips for comfortable handling.

MK Reclaim Catchers offers the ideal choice for wax and concentrate enthusiasts. They are designed to fit into any 14 mm female dab rig or water pipe and feature a male joint compatible with most bangers. Furthermore, their 45-degree angle captures more residue than some competing models on the market.

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