8 simple steps to remodel your small kitchen

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A kitchen is the most essential room in your house. Most of us start our day in our kitchens with that energizing cup of coffee or a glass of fresh orange juice that gives us a kick to make our days productive. Investing your energy to maintain a beautiful and accommodating kitchen is the best kind of investment in your family’s health and wellbeing.

As they say, “As we evolve, our Redpoint homes should too.” And what is better than starting renovation with the most important area that is the kitchen. Remodeling any space can be fun if done right.

Here are a few simple steps and ideas to get you going

i) Keep track of budget and timeline:

Before starting with anything, you should have a notebook with an estimated, affordable, and easy to manage budget and a dedicated amount of time you would want your space to be ready in. Both of these things should be appropriate as they are two crucial factors.

Even when you start the process, you should keep track of both things to keep things as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

ii) Before & After:

Whenever giving any space a new makeover, you would want to click photographs before starting and after finishing the project from the same angle to compare afterward and realize the progress you’ve made.

You can also show these to others to give them ideas and be an inspiration for change.

iii) Look for ideas:

Before starting, you would want to browse for different ideas which match your budget to produce the end product which matches what you have in mind.

It would help if you explored the home improving web pages.

You should also be clear whether you want a modern outlook you would like to go for classic traditional aspects.

iv) Color is your best friend:

The old era is over, and people are going for different shades for their spaces and turning them into beautiful pieces of art by adding colors.

You would want to select colors with bright hues for small spaces to make the room look bigger as they reflect all the light.

Some interior experts also believe that you can make your room look deep by using darker colors, giving it a spacious outlook.

One thing that is trending these days is mix and match. You can also incorporate more than one color to give it an attractive look.

v)    Remodeling the kitchen cabinets:

Cabinets are one of the most important parts of your kitchen, specifically when it is small. There are numerous kitchen cabinet remodeling ideas on how you want your saving spaces to look.

You can go for conventional wooden doored cabinets, or you can choose glass doors and simultaneously work on their interior look. One thing which looks catchy is the removable wallpapers, and you can change them easily whenever you want to; for example, you would wish to get a funky, brighter look for summers and a darker and elegant look for winters.

Choose your knobs and handles accordingly. You might want to go to your nearest hardware shops and select the most modern yet good-quality knobs for your cabinets.

HACK: you might want to measure the dimensions of your old knobs and bring the new ones of exact sizes to reduce the need to make new holes.

You can also go for open cabinets to flaunt those pretty and antique glassware and showpieces. You can also use these for keeping the things you require multiple times in a day, so they are handy and accessible.

If you are not up for glass doors or open cabinets and want to give the covered ones a modern touch, you can use patterns and textures to make them attractive.

vi) Small space? Not a problem after all:

Don’t let the shortage of space limit your creativity, infect you can be creative in your way and utilize every inch of the space without making it seem

crowded and overburdened

Go for those toe kick shelves. Instead of wasting all the space below the cabinets, you can install toe kick shelves to store you flat objects like chopping boards and dinner plates which can otherwise take up a significant amount of space in your cabinets.

Get those draw organizers working. Do you know how you can get customized organizers according to the shape of your drawers? They do a fantastic job, make your drawers look neat, and make storage easy.

Sliding shelves are a hit in small kitchens as they can store many things and make them available and aesthetic.

You might want to utilize the dead space under your cabinets by installing under cabinet shelves. You can use these to store your cookware lids and glasses.

vii) Light it up:

You can select your lights as per your choice, but you have to keep in mind that it is a small space, and you don’t want to overdo the lights.

You can also go for miniature light just below your cabinets to lighten up the counter where you can work efficiently.

viii) Essential others:

You might want to make space for other essential items that you require in your kitchen.

When you sketch your kitchen design and discuss with the professionals, you might want to talk about when to accommodate the essentials, for example, the stove, refrigerator, water dispensers, etc.

You can maybe add a plain surface where you can pin your recipes, perhaps a few quotes and cutouts from the magazines you want to display in youhr kitchen. You can also pin a list to note down the grocery items you need to buy and pick that list when you’re planning to go out and get the grocery done.


Sugar, spice, and everything nice

In the end, you should add a few decoratives; for example, you can add a few wall hangings, add a few plants, pallet holders.

The end product should be able to make you smile whenever you enter your kitchen.

Let your creative ideas flow and do as you please.

Also, Don’t forget to click ‘After photograph’ and share it with your friends.

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