8 Essential Instagram Story Ideas For Artists

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As an artist, you need a place where you can promote and sell your artwork. Instagram provides you with a suitable space to sell your paintings. Many artists buy instagram story views to boost their account engagement instantly. With many galleries shutting down or postponed due to quarantine, an artist’s online presence is essential. You might feel pressure constantly wanting to come up with new ideas to keep your audience engaged. In addition, you don’t understand how to sell your art on Instagram. Make use of these eight Instagram story ideas to maintain your presence online.

Share The Story Behind The Artwork

Your audience will love to know the story behind the artwork you created. Tell your audience what inspired you, your process behind making the artwork, or even share the thumbnails. Seeing all these small details will connect your audience to your art. Use Instagram stories to share all your inspiration and the artist who inspires you the most. In addition, you can create a mini inspiration slideshow in your Instagram story for your audience to understand easily.

Share Your Workstation

Many artists share their workspace set up in Instagram stories before starting the artwork. Small details always matter to your audience, and sharing your work setup inspires them. You can also inform your audience about the art tools you regularly use. In addition, you can use relevant hashtags and stickers to increase your account engagement. For example, share an image of your workstation set up and use a work-in-progress sticker on the image.

Share Messy Behind The Scenes

As a creative, you might be a perfectionist, but sometimes, letting lose and being messy would attract your audience. Instagram stories give you the perfect opportunity to be confused as it disappears within 24 hours unless you want them in your highlights. You can also show your wrong and messed up work in your stories. In addition, you can show how you messed up something and ask for opinions to fix the artwork. Seeing all these behind the scenes will let your audience feel close to your illustration. If you have pets, you can share clips of them messing with you while creating the sketch.

Share Your Work Routine

You can start by showing the time you wake up and the things you do before drawing. Then, everything from scribbling to when you are tired can be shared as pictures or clips. Your audience might consist of others who want to be artists and will like seeing your routine. In addition, you can also share your break and tired shots. Some artists even share their diet as they spend most of their time at their desks.

Share Time Lapse

Make time-lapse clips of your artworks to let your audience see your work efficiently. Beginner artists use Trollishly to feature their stories on the Instagram Explore page. You can share your time-lapse stories on Instagram with Instagram music for better engagement. In addition, use poll or emoji slider stickers asking your audience if they like or dislike the artwork. Additionally, you can ask your viewers if they want to see more of the similar content in your stories. With Instagram stories, your viewers can interact equally with you and your artwork.

Share Your Buyers And Reviews

As an artist, your ultimate goal is to sell art through your Instagram. Sharing your commissioned artworks and the customer reviews in your Instagram story creates awareness. A good review always attracts a new audience who are your potential customers. At the same time, you promote your artwork and services with your customer reviews. A happy customer can always lead to more audience approaching you to buy your art. So share your commissions and save them in highlights for later viewing by your new audience.

Share Your Pricings

Instagram stories are one of the first places a person clicks when opening the app. So, an Instagram story is the best place you can promote your artwork. Letting your audience know your pricing and the type of artwork you are willing to collaborate with is essential. When your audience knows these small details, it will be easier for them to approach you. Please don’t forget to highlight the story in your profile for the audience to come back and check.

Share Exciting Posts That Inspire You

In the art community, always be willing to share fellow artists’ artworks that you find interesting. By simply sharing their artwork in your story, you not only promote their work but also become friends with them. Always share works that inspire you so your audience can also appreciate your Instagram story. In addition, other artists also share your artwork which will bring you new audiences.

Final Say

As an artist, these are ways to promote your online presence in Instagram stories. You can also share a story about a new post or a new reel you shared in your feed. Your audience will see your story faster and head to your post to create more visibility. Keep yourself active and updated in your Instagram stories consistently to get results.

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