8 Brilliant Design Ideas to Design your Dream Kitchen

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Do you prepare your meals at home mostly? If your answer is a yes, then join the clan of trendy people. According to ReportLinker, 98% of Americans prefer cooking at home. Moreover, Comfy Living states that about 36% from the same country cook at home on a daily basis. Along with these numbers, let’s not forget the percentage of people who cook to earn a living. And since the pandemic hit, the figures are rising.

So this is where the kitchen takes charge. Whether it’s cooking for passion or as a necessity, your kitchen should be near to perfect as you spend a huge chunk of the day in this heart of your home. Its crafting definitely plays a vast role in making or breaking your day. So it’s always advisable that you design the kitchen in such a way that your work becomes easier, and you enjoy spending your time there.

In the quest to design your dream kitchen, we will act as your saviors by suggesting the best design ideas to enhance the space and usability of this important element of your home.

Best Design Ideas to enhance the aura of your kitchen

1 . Add a pop of cool colors to your space

Adding paint to any room refreshes its look. And when you play with different hues, it definitely amps up the look of your kitchen. How about attaching a cool color to an unexpected kitchen surface? You can play with different mesmerizing shades by making them part of the sides of a kitchen island, a backsplash, or even the ceiling.

For a perfect kitchen island, go for light colors like mint green, soft aqua, or butter-ish beige. For a flawless backsplash, you can add the daring red or any other darker shade. The ceiling can look appealing with sky blue or peach. Remember your aim is to feel peaceful while spending your time in the kitchen. So the trick is to add color that you like to enjoy the serenity that this vital area offers.

2 . Use the magic of marble

There is not even a single person on the planet who would deny the status of marble in the kitchen. It is an asset that gives a luxurious feel to your space. No dream kitchen is complete without the touches of this matchless element.

Apart from the elegance it offers, marble is heat-resistant, so you don’t need to fret baking in the middle of a heatwave. The marble tops will act as your rescuers by staying icy and cool. So consider it a done deal. Modernize your countertops with marble because there is nothing that can look as pure as marble, where durability and timeless elegance are other important add-ons.

3 . Uplift the lighting game

Lighting plays a key role in adding value to your kitchen. The way and amount of light that you place in the kitchen varies according to the available space, but make sure you have enough light to support you in reading recipes and prepping veggies.

For a larger kitchen, pendants are ideal. Choose them as per the overall style of your home. In case of LED lights, warm whites are the best-suited ones. If you do not prefer hanging lights, then go for recessed lighting. These will fit into your ceiling, giving a modern and sleek look to your dream kitchen.

4 . Use the power of cabinets to your advantage

The cabinets enjoy a supreme status in your kitchen in terms of usability as well as looks. They act as convenient storage spaces that help organize things in the kitchen. There are many things that you need to take into account if you want to be happy with the finished product.

A piece of advice here would be to go for a design that fits your own aesthetic. Also, choose the right cabinet color that matches the interior of your home. These factors will definitely make your kitchen stand out.

After you have decided on the wow factor of the cabinets, it is time to pay attention to the internal structure. If your area allows for deeper cabinets, go for them, as they will grant you more space for storing your essentials. Another idea would be to shelf the cabinets to accommodate everything in an efficient manner.

5 . Pay attention to your hardware

Every small fixture in the kitchen contributes to its style. These subtle details polish your kitchen and give it an enchanting look and feel. So you need to focus on everything from your doorknobs and cabinet handles to your faucets and sink.

Silver hardware is the preferred finish you will see in most of the kitchens. Brushed nickel enjoyed a huge popularity a few decades ago, and it is still in trend as it complements the wood cabinets and all colors. Here again, the tone of the kitchen should be taken into consideration. Whatever color or finish you choose, make sure that it soothes you and gives you a pleasant experience for the hours you spend in this central place.

6 . No clutter, please

A cluttered space is a nightmare for most homeowners, and where there is limited space in the kitchen, the matter gets worse. So the best idea to reach your dream kitchen destination is to declutter as much as possible. This has two prominent benefits, firstly it will give you positive vibes and secondly you will have space to store your important stuff.

So, look around the fridge and countertops. Get rid of things that you don’t use. Then clean the inners of the cabinets. Give away the stuff that is resting inside for years, longing to be utilized. Also, go for multipurpose utensils as they suit well for more than one task and save space. Once the kitchen is clutter-free, you will get a refreshed feeling that will drive you more towards this part of your home, easing your daily chores.

7 . Use artwork to get that dream look

The kitchen is the life of the party when you have guests. Also, otherwise, it is the heart of your home and the second most important place after your bedroom. So to express your style, you need to focus on this important site. Adding your favorite artwork will enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen, and you will feel more motivated to work there.

For making art a part of your kitchen, the first thing to consider is the placement. A suggestion would be to keep your masterpiece away from the stove or cooking grease. It is better to fix it in the regions above the sink or table. This will avoid any damage and will boost the overall appeal too.

8 . Parting words

Your kitchen will always be a vital component of your home. Without a good kitchen, the house feels incomplete. Apart from offering you the blessing of a meal of your choice, it is a spot that gives you peace through storage, seating, and communication.

Since you spend hours in this prime location, it is important that you start taking measures to design your kitchen from scratch or remodel your existing infrastructure. Do your homework and feel the difference in your life!

Also, if you think you have some other ideas to add to this list, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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