7 Tips To Maintain Your Automatic Doors


Users enjoy many benefits wherever an automated door is installed professionally by pros like Door Controls Inc. However, adequate maintenance is critical beyond proper installation to having a piece of equipment that will stand the test of time. 

The cost of hiring a professional can be reduced when you know some door maintenance tweaks. In case you don’t know how many, this article gives you free tips that will suffice. 

7 Tips To Maintain Your Automatic Doors

1. Lubrication

Continually lubricate moving parts of your automatic door, and keep the bolts, levers, and locks greased. To prevent unnecessary friction, wear and tear, and rust, always polish the moving parts of your door. 

If you can not identify the correct parts that always have friction, go through your user manual, and follow the instruction. Then, use the correct grease or jelly that is effective, and such can be bought from the mall. 

2. Monitor the Door Panels

Always observe the door panels in case of any damage, scratches, or cracks. If you discover any form of damage, whether severe or not, do well to replace or repair affected areas. 

Automated doors can get worn out over time due to constant usage. Users may have at one point brushed the door with an object. Also, check for cracks on the glass. Having a crack in your glass door is risky, so if there are any faults or cracks, quickly replace them. 

3. Have A Clean Surrounding

Always keep your environment clean and void of debris. For example, to avoid accumulating particles like leaves, papers, or dirt at the base of the door, ensure your perimeter is kept clean daily. 

When removing debris at the base of the door, you can use tools like a screwdriver, broom, or a damp cloth. Doing this will help control the fight speed of your automated door. 

4. Check the Springs

The spring helps the door contract and expand when closing or opening; over time, they can get worn out and rusty. Always observe the condition of your strings, spray them with grease to prevent rust, and if there are signs of breakage, you need a new one. 

5. Periodic Servicing

Aside from personal maintenance, an automated door will need a general service by a professional. Doing this will reduce the risk of incurring more damages in the long run. In addition, this can be done annually to cut down costs. 

6. Prevent Electrical Damages

Automatic doors have exceptions regarding what to touch and the cleaning tools. Always prevent water from entering the control panels; this could cause internal damage or electric shock. You can seal any hole or passage leading to those areas with silicone or tapes.  

7. Run Tests on the Sensors

Automatic doors use sensors, either one or more. You can have them tested routinely. This is an excellent way to monitor the performance, especially when many customers are approaching the door at the same time. If sensors delay or overreact, or the door moves too fast or too slow, contact an expert. 

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