7 Important Questions To Ask Your Removal Company Before You Hire Them


Hiring Packers and Movers can be scary. Putting all your possessions under the responsibility of some strangers can be a great question of trust. This is the reason why you should always choose a credible source and don’t take a risk with those shady Craiglist advertisements.


Budgeting and saving money are important. However, if a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. This is the reason why you should always choose a credible source of movers and packers with a good track history with their customers.

Important Questions To Ask Your Removal Company Before You Hire Them 

Research is the most important part of hiring a packer and movers. However, once you have done the proper research and selected the appropriate company, the work is still not over. Interrogating your removal company is the next step before the final hiring.


Here are the seven important questions to ask your removal company before you hire them.

1. How Are You Deciding The Cost Of The Move 

Costing is something which will always be occupying your mind when it comes to moving. Therefore, this is the first question you will have to ask your Moving Company.


First, you have to ask for a draft of pricing, which most credible companies have. Do not allow to see or count your items before you see that draft. Once you have a good idea about the items and the hours, you can proceed with the hiring.


You can even look for a few more packers and movers companies along with their draft price before you decide on one.


Get your first draft from the man and van in Harrow.

2. What About The Extra Fees? 

This is one of the biggest reasons why having a thorough idea about the pricing system is extremely crucial. Sometimes removal companies can charge you extra when it comes to small miscellaneous things.


Therefore, it is important for you to have knowledge about everything where money can be involved. This is the reason why you should be hiring someone who is transparent about all the costs they will be charging. Hidden fees are the most untrustworthy thing that can take a toll on your moving budget.


Hence, this should be the second most important interrogation for your removal company.

3. Do You Have Liability Insurance? 

This might be the last question you ask, but it is nevertheless very important. Sometimes the removal companies can be careless when it comes to fragile items.


With an insurance liability, you can easily charge for any damage.

4. What Is Your Company’s Permanent Business Address?

This is a security measure for your items. Since everything will be under the mover’s possession, knowing the company will help you track them in case you lose something.


Visiting the warehouse might be an extreme measure you have to take when you are not able to contact the administrative official in charge of your move.

5. How Long Will The Moving Take? 

After moving into a new place, you are always eager to get your items. It is a matter of convenience and, at the same time, the thought of decorating your place once again. Never hire a movers and packers company that doesn’t give you an accurate date.


An indefinite or an approximate date might not be enough because most of your important, valuable possession is with them. For example, you cannot go weeks and beyond without furniture.

6. Can The Commitment Be Done On Writing? 

When you finally make a deal with the removal company, ask them if they will be able to give written and signed documentation of all the costing information and other commitments.


A company that can provide a written bond is automatically more trustworthy than others.

7. Are You Licensed? 

Yes, there are licenses for people who are involved in the business of removal and moving. Yes, there are small businesses that do it at a much cheaper rate. However, it is always important to ask your movers whether they are licensed.


There are two major perks of hiring licensed movers.


First, you will be able to trust them since they have a license, and they probably know the workaround.

Second, your items are much secured with them and will be reaching the destination without much damage.

To Conclude 

Hopefully, you have gathered the knowledge you require before you hire a removal company.


Make sure you compare all the companies shortlisted in the matter of cost and credibility. Yes, you want your items to be delivered to you as soon as possible, but you should never be too impulsive with it.

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