7 High-paying Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

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A college degree is a much-coveted qualification the world over. It is associated with better incomes and a better quality of life. People return to school to upgrade certificates and diplomas into degrees. Others advance the degrees to Masters and Ph.D.To read more click here.

While a degree is so highly recognized, some professions will still give you an excellent paying job without the degree. Get professional math homework help and begin working before you graduate from college with your degree.

Here are the top seven best-paying jobs that do not require a college degree.

  1. Sales Representative

All brands in the world require sales representatives. Your work is to introduce the products or services to potential buyers. The job depends more on your communication tactics than skills you earn in class. It is interesting to note that some of the best salespersons in the world never went beyond high school.

The job of a sales representative requires confidence and diligence. You need to understand the product you are offering and dare to face the potential buyer. Luckily, you can sell any product once you develop a winning tactic. You can also sell several products at the same time or change your offering from one season to the other. Since most salespersons are paid on commission, you get to determine your pay.

  1. App Developer

App development is a skill. Developers acquire the skill without needing to train as degree holders. It is so easy that you can learn online using tutorials. However, the skills as becoming more lucrative as the world embraces technology.

App developers sharpen their skills as new technology emerges. The skills or techniques acquired months ago can be rendered obsolete by new inventions. It takes creativity and personal initiative to be the best paid professional in IT. You may also work as a freelancer, allowing you to set your rates for projects in your area of specialization.

  1. Plumber

Plumbing skills are necessary during construction and maintenance. The job description also involves the repair of drainage and sanitation systems. Every house you can see from your window or on the way will require a plumber at one point.

Plumbers work with contractors when setting up buildings. You may also be contracted to repair houses and plumbing installations. There are no degrees in plumbing unless you want to advance your skills. In fact, plumbers are regarded as technicians. If you master the skills and deliver quality work, you will get more referrals and repeat clients to sustain constant revenue flow.

  1. Social Media Manager

The advent of social media has opened up opportunities to combine PR and IT. Social media managers need a deeper understanding of different platforms. They also require creativity in content generation. Social media managers need to learn virtual engagement skills. For instance, they respond to comments answer questions, and keep followers returning to your social media handle for more.

Social media management can be done exclusively on phone. You can handle several clients at the same time. Further, social media managers can serve clients in different countries and continents. A robust freelancer will earn a fortune as a social media manager.

  1. Acting

Acting is exclusively dependent on talent. Some of the biggest stars around the world did not even enroll for college degrees. Acting requires you to master the lines and deliver on character description.

There are numerous acting opportunities. You may act in movies, series, dramas, or as a voice-over artist, among other options. You may also act in theater productions. Acting is one of the best-paying jobs in the world.

  1. Journalist

Journalists cover different news items and features around the world. They also write articles on blogs, websites, and media outlets. The basic training of a journalist is storytelling. The skill comes naturally to most people from an early age. It only requires fine-tuning at certificate or diploma level. Only specialist journalists like those covering science issues require degree-level training.

Freelance journalists are some of the best-paid professionals around the world. It is an opportunity to work with publications in different sectors and countries. Further, you may establish a blog where you produce content in text or video format and attract revenue through advertising.

  1. Video editor

Video editors use specialist software. It does not require a degree to learn the software. Developers and training institutions offer tutorials from where you can learn different video and photo editing apps. Video editors work for media outlets. They also cover events for individuals and corporate organizations. The editors may also produce videos for private distribution. Freelance editors can earn from different clients, expanding their revenue base.

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