6 Foods That Increases the Risk of Alzheimer’s

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If you are also wondering about the statement, then you are in for a ride. Diet and memory loss are known to have a direct link with one another. Yes, we are aware that there are some foods that boost your memory. But there are some other foods that have derogatory impacts on your mental health.

On my personal account, when I visited some top hospitals in Karachi, I get to learn about the various diet choices that are harmful to our brain health. This blog will cover the foods products that you should avoid if you wish to tone down the risk of Alzheimer’s. 

Foods that are Suspected of Causing Memory Loss

There is no denial of the fact that you should eat healthy. According to recent studies, dietary choices also play a key role in developing an early risk for Alzheimer’s. Given below are some of the foods that are facing suspicion in such regard. 

  • Avoid Red Meats

Surprised??? Well, don’t be. Yes, red meats are essential as they are responsible for the regulation of iron in your body. But too much consumption of everything is bad. The same is the case for red meats. An excessive amount of iron in your body can lead to the development of free radicals. Radical accumulation can lead to cell damage.

This iron has nowhere to be so this will get accumulated in the gray area of your brain. Accumulation of iron is an onset for cognitive impairment. You can avoid this situation simply by limiting your red meat consumption. 

  • Processed Foods

Some of the common examples of processed foods are mozzarella sticks, smoked turkey, and foods of such types. Processed foods and their unregulated consumption should be avoided at all costs. They give rise to two conditions

  • Protein build up that has been associated with Alzheimer’s
  • They contain nitrosamines which leads to fat production which is harmful to the brain. 
  • Sugary cereals

According to the latest studies, there is a direct link between sugar intake and memory loss. High blood sugar levels are dangerous for the integrity of our blood vessels. This condition can give rise to a number of ministrokes. Elevated sugar levels can make the cells insulin resistant. This can cause cell death. 

Thus make sure to keep your sugar level in check. 

  • Cholesterol Rich Foods

Cholesterol is involved in the production of protein which causes serious damage to your neurons. Some of the notorious examples of such foods are

  • Deep-fried meat 
  • Cheese sticks
  • Fast foods
  • Cookies, cakes, and pastries

These high in cholesterol foods are seriously damaging for your neurons. Thus if you want to live a long and healthy life, cut down your intake of these types of foods. 

  • Carbs that are Refined

Foods that provide the body with high levels of starch and glucose are damaging for your neurons. Especially the adults are at risk. According to research, seniors who enjoy eating these refined types of carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, and other types of baked goods are four times prone to develop Alzheimer’s

Refined carbohydrates can elevate the body’s level of starch. A rapid rise in blood sugar levels makes the pancreas active. These active pancreases tend to produce more insulin. High blood insulin levels can damage the fragile blood vessels of your brain. 

Avoid these refined carbohydrates as much as you can. If you are unable to properly avoid them make sure to keep a strong check on their intake. 

  • Cookies 

Eating cookies is bad for your health. You have probably read it at some point in your life. It is a fact that we often choose to ignore. But nowadays cookies are made up of refined wheat, refined sugar, and added sweeteners. All these substances have deleterious effects on your nervous system.

That is make sure to avoid them at all costs. 

Closing Remarks

Alzheimer’s is one of the major health concerns of the current world. There is limited to no data on its prevention. This deadly disease is currently incurable. Although our hands are tied to the prevention and treatment level.  But we can slow down its progression with the help of a healthy and proper Celebrity Diet

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