6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Martial Arts Dojo

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One thing that a person always wants to be guaranteed is their safety. Over time people want a means of guaranteeing their safety without the fear that their choice of defense could be used against them. Therefore, enrolling in a martial arts class is one of the most reliable means of ensuring your safety. No matter what part of the country you are in, there is always a dojo offering martial arts classes. But how do you decide that a specific dojo is the best fit for you? Here are 6 factors to consider when choosing a martial arts dojo.

1. Credentials

With martial arts, every student wants to be the best and wants to believe that the martial arts training they are receiving is superior and offered by the best. So, to ensure that you are being taught by the best, it is important that you first inquire about the instructors and the dojo’s credentials. With martial arts, there are always ranks that one has to pass before being considered the best, and these ranks require years for one to fully master. The top rank in martial arts is usually the black belt, but in some disciplines, it’s the red belt. A top martial arts London master has to have a black belt in at least two disciplines, and no person under 25 could master two disciplines and attain a black belt in each discipline. So, watch out for scam artists.

2. Instructors

Just like with teaching, martial arts requires the instructor to have an understanding of how to get the most out of their students. A good teacher will always push students to be their best version by challenging and encouraging them. Also, the instructor should share the same values with the dojo and its students. As someone seeking to enroll in amateur martial arts training, you must have chemistry with your instructor so that you don’t struggle during training. Martial arts beginners require an instructor who can teach according to their learning pace. It is also a bonus if the instructor has undergone special needs and sensitivity training; this proves that the instructor cares about their students.

3. Facilities

For quality martial arts training, the dojo you choose should have well-organized, maintained, and clean facilities to ensure that the students get what they paid for. It’s possible to receive quality martial arts training in a worn-out school gym only if they are well arranged. The facilities also represent the priorities of the institution. Remember, a martial arts institution that gauges itself with appearances and trophies isn’t worth your time since martial arts should be based on inspiring confidence, pride, respect, and accountability.

4. Finances and Contracts

One thing you must consider before enrolling in a martial arts class in London is that it requires commitment. Because of this, most martial arts studios tend to convince prospective students to sign contracts under the guise that they’ll have a black belt in a few months. If you hear such an offer, don’t even look back since that is potentially a scam. These contracts also happen to have some clauses and fees that can’t be explained, so you must go through them properly. A good studio will offer you free trial classes to ensure that you are satisfied with their services, then seat you down and explain the various packages they offer.

5. The Form of Martial Arts you want to Learn

Martial arts class is an umbrella of several art forms of self-defense that stem from different cultures worldwide. Each type of martial art is unique in its own way, from where it originated to how they are performed. Here is a list of the several martial arts and their country of origin:

Kung fu -China

Karate -Japan

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu -Brazil

Krav Maga -Israel

Muay Thai -Thailand

Judo -Japan

Aikido -Japan

Taekwondo – Korea

With such a wide variety of forms, you should find a form that suits you and then find which studio offers that type of martial arts class. Martial arts training for adults is usually at a different pace than for kids, so ensure that you’ve selected one that is suitable for the one enrolling.

6. The Reputation of the School

Before enrolling in any martial arts classes in London, it is vital that you also consider the reputation of the school, instructors, and students. You can decide to attend some classes and witness how the instructors connect with the students and how the students behave. You can also chat with the students or parents to get first-hand information about the school.


To summarise, choosing the right martial arts school to join requires patience and research. For more information about Martial Arts Classes in London, check out Xen-Do Martial Arts.

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