5 Ways for a More Energy Efficient Home This Year

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Energy efficiency is getting more uptakes around the world. Homeowners are becoming environmentally conscious and want to reduce their home’s carbon footprint. This is all for the good. We should all be paying attention to the environment. Preserving it should be the first priority. An energy efficient home is one that has reduced carbon footprint. Also, energy efficient homes are now getting value higher than conventional homes. This is because energy efficiency pays great in the long-run.

Green clean energy is something that should be standardized. If you have a way of producing and using clean energy, why invest in non-renewable sources! Solar power is unlimited for us on earth. Its intensity and the way we harness it might be limited but its supply has no bounds. Of course, there are many ways for energy efficient home today. But solar energy yet remains the cleanest form of it.

As governments push for energy efficiency, homes will need to adapt too. In Australia, we get a lot of sun of course. In fact, sunlight in Australia is the richest in its peak hours for energy production. Also, cost of non-renewable energy keeps going up. Going forward, energy will be a major point of concern for houses that don’t invest in clean energy. Energy efficient home tips below:

Install a Programable, Wi-Fi Connected Thermostat

Lot of the times, people simply forget to turn the heating or air conditioning off when leaving the house. Even if you don’t care about the cost of wasted energy, its environmental implications are enormous. The simple solution for this is to use a thermostat that is a lot more compensating.

Smart, programable thermostat will function much more efficiently. There are systems available with motion sensors that turn certain parts of the house heating or cooling upon sensing presence. Also, Wi-Fi connected thermostats provide the option for remote turning on or off as needed.

Programable thermostats save your great sums of energy expenses and minimize energy wastage. You can turn your heating or cooling off when out of the house with your smartphone. These can lower an average home’s energy consumption by up to 60% when installed correctly.

Replace High-Energy Appliances with Energy Efficient Ones

As technology improves, appliances and their quality improve as well. One of the major benefits is with the energy consumption of appliances. Now, there are energy star ratings that provide a good insight into your appliance’s operating energy requirement. This is found in all kinds of appliances as well.

Refrigerators, televisions, computers, washers, air conditioning, heating systems and just about every other appliance has gotten better. If your home is still using that old non-efficient heating, replace it with advanced energy efficient version. The cost you spend will pay off rather quickly in energy bills.

Even your lighting can be much more efficient in most cases. Also, another nifty little trick is to use high energy appliances in off-peak times. There are some peak hours for energy usage and some off-peak times. Find out what they are. This can save your quite a lot of money with energy efficient home.

Glazed Doors and Windows for Perfect Air Sealed Interiors

What do you think is the one factor with highest energy wastage in most homes? You will be surprised to find out its your doors and windows. Well, not really the doors or windows themselves. It has to do with their ability to keep regulated temperatures in and not let unwanted outdoor temperatures inside.

Windows and doors can always have small gaps in their frames. If they have been fixed for many years, some gaps may naturally appear with aging. These gaps will be more than enough to let your indoor heat escape outdoors. It will also let in cold temperature from the outside enter in unwantedly.

The best thing you can do is to double glaze your doors and window panels. Insulate doors and windows and keep your interior temperatures where they belong. These will make your energy bills a lot less that and contribute towards an energy efficient home.

Add Extra Layer of Insulation All Around

Maintaining inside home temperatures is very important. Additional to leaky windows and doors, thin walls can also let the maintained temperature go to waste. A simple solution to this is to add extra layers of insulation. This is easier said than done however for energy efficient home.

Adding insulation layers to walls, ceilings and everywhere around the house is a big project. However, it is not a very costly project. If you are good with installations, you can do it all yourself. All you’ll need is insulation materials and then paint to conceal them inside walls.

Insulating layers will guarantee much more efficient temperature maintenance. Your heating and cooling systems will have to work way less to maintain better temperatures. Less stain on these systems will extend their life, use less energy and cause much smaller carbon footprint in the process.

Go Solar – Go Clean

Our most recommended solution for energy efficient home is to go solar. We understand that solar storage systems are some of the cleanest forms of energy in the world. Solar panels can be installed on roofs for homes giving them the ability to harness clean green energy.

The best thing about solar power systems is that they are very long lasting. Practically, these are one-time investment options for a lifetime of clean energy. You can totally eliminate energy bills and also get clean solar energy for zeroed out carbon footprint as well.

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