5 Tips To Prevent Yourself From Getting A DWI

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If you are getting pulled over by the police under the charges of DUI, you are indeed in troubled waters.

Not exaggerating, if you fall under the whirlwind of DUI, you are in deep trouble. 

Would you like to have sleepless nights? Would you like to be bullied and jostled by the appellant’s lawyer and your defendant’s lawyer?

Under such circumstances, you find yourself the patron of some Troubled land! 

So why not be aware beforehand? Why not know about becoming a responsible person? 

So if you are serious about knowing in-depth about Driving under the Influence, consult Missouri DWI and Criminal Law Centre. To know more, visit website. This article discusses tips that will prevent you from getting a DWI. 

Dwi Punishment And Penalty

First, let’s try to intensify your fears and concerns regarding the punishment you can get by falling into the DWI trap.

First Offence 

First Time? Be careful. This is the last time. 

In most of the states in the US, the punishment for being caught under DWI for the first time is a maximum of 6 months or 1 year imprisonment.

For a few other states in the US, like New Jersey, the maximum punishment you can get is 30 days. So, Pray to God, let your first DUI be in New Jersey! 

Repeated Offence

Subsequent DUI ? the maximum possible jail time might be more significant. For example, if you are booked under DUI for the first time, the second time, or the third time, the maximum jail time in Colorado is one year. Again, you could learn more about this from a DWI lawyer in Kansas City. 


Remember that DUI convictions almost always result in monetary fines. The charges vary from one state to another.

Does the fine remain the same for the number of DUI convictions? Unfortunately, it’s not the case.

The charges vary from one state to another. However, the charges generally increase for the number of DUI convictions. In terms of monetary value, the DUI charges range from $500 to $2000. 

Suspension Of Driving License

If you are a DUI offender, there is a good chance of having your license suspended. Now the suspension of driving licenses increases with the number of DWI crimes.

If a driver refuses to take a blood, breath, and Urine test, it is not lawful. And it ends with the suspension of Driving licenses.

If you want to know all these in detail, take help from a DWI lawyer in Kansas City. They will help you.

Tips To Avoid Duis 

There are a lot of ways through which you could prevent yourself from falling under DUIs. Therefore avoid yourself confiscation of your license by following some tips.

1. Do Not Drink And Drive. You might have seen this tip a thousand times. But, unfortunately, you tend to think this is impractical.

But believe us, there is nothing more vital than this. Do not drink and drive on the highways. It brings in uninvited danger to you. Kindly abstain from drinking. So think before you drink!

2. Eat Before You Drink

If you are not convinced with Think before you Drink, take this:

Eat before you drink. We hope this is much more practical. But, first, you need to mention that you are strong enough appetite-wise.

Let not Alcohol get over you. It is deduced from a study that healthy meals reduce your appetite for Drinking. Therefore make sure you follow this trick.

3. Awareness Of Dui Checkpoints

Keep yourself informed of the DUI checkpoints in the area and try to avoid them. If you are in states like LA, you can get information regarding the DUI checkpoints on Twitter.

Mark them and be cautious while driving through the region. Do your planning.

4. Stay Focussed 

Fully concentrate when you are driving. With a bit of negligence, you will end up creating a massacre!

Do not talk on your cell phone while driving. Try to avoid this, especially when there are small swerves.

5. Be Kind And Protect Others 

The drivers who consume and drive are less aware of their challenges while driving on the highways. Drunken drivers have lesser control over their Driving.


Therefore, the discussion suggests that you need to be responsible while driving on the highways!

Follow the civic rules and regulations and be accountable to yourself and the society and surrounding you belong to.

Don’t spread a negative image of yours. Be disciplined, and avoid DUI charges. 

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