5 Key Bicycle Tools That Every Cyclist Should Know About

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When you become an avid and seasoned cyclist, you inevitably start working on your bike at home. There are many issues associated with a bike that you can resolve by yourself. But for doing them successfully, you require some essential tools. For instance, bike tools like flexible torque with ¼’’ drive and ultra-sharp blade cuts made from industrial grade hardened steel are must-have items for every bike owner. Below is the list of some essential bicycle tools that every cyclist should possess at all times. 

Floor Pump

A floor pump is also known as a track pump. It’s a crucial tool that should be in your garage. The floor pump gets your bicycle tires to great pressure rapidly and accurately. 

Road bicycles require high tire pressures. The pressures should be around 100 PSI. It makes a vast difference to the rolling speed and puncture resistance. A floor pump allows your tyres to get the recommended pressure. When your tyres have adequate pressure, it makes for a great riding experience. Ensure that the floor pump you have has a readable gauge that gets you precisely the correct pressure.

Torque Wrench

Torque refers to measuring the amount of force that causes an object to rotate. A torque wrench is a tool that tightens bolts and nuts to a predetermined torque value. It facilitates fasteners to get tightened to the correct tension. Thus it aids in preventing damage from joints or lightening. It means that applying the right torque measure is essential for assembly, safety and equipment performance. Torque wrenches have risen in importance since there’s much carbon fiber and light aluminum in bikes today. Overtightened clamps surrounding carbon components can cause damage. So, if you are dealing with such gear, a torque wrench is essential. 

Tyre Lever

Tyre levers form an integral element of knowing the right way of fixing a flat tire. In the absence of tyre levers, people generally use various tools like a screwdriver to remove and install tires. But these tools end up damaging your tyre. Tyre levers are engineered for you to remove and install tyres without causing damage in the process. Although there are varied designs of tyre levers, they all share the same function. They feature a thin end designed to slip between the tyre and its rim. It allows you to pop off the tyre. The levers generally come in sets of three. But the third lever is only needed for the very tightest of tyres.

Pedal Wrench 

If you have more than one bicycle or use your cycle for different purposes, you need to switch out its pedals. A pedal wrench enables you to reach the axle and hold it while rotating the cranks to loosen or tighten. You can use a pedal wrench to unscrew the bicycle’s crank arms pedals. The right pedals get reduced when you turn it counterclockwise, and the left ones loosen when you turn it clockwise. 

Chain Wear Tool

This tool enables the cyclist to check if the chain needs to be replaced. The device is beneficial for saving money on costly bike components. A primary chain wear indicator will display you if the chain is 0.50% and 0.75% worn. It’s recommended to change your chains before they are 1% lean. The chain wear tool is straightforward to use when you know the right for it. Use those that are adapted to work on the latest bicycle models.

Always invest in quality tools to enhance the longevity of your bike. Look for bike tools like torque wrench set with a click mechanism that indicates when the correct torque setting is reached. They prove to be immensely useful. Moreover, the tools save you from frequent trips to the bike repair shop for repairs that you can efficiently perform independently.

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