5 Common and Popular Alcoholic Beverages

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Alcoholic drinks are a part of many occasions and celebrations. But quite many people drink it to relieve stress and alleviate negative feelings. Alcoholic drinks contain ethanol, and most of them are intoxicating. Many of them are highly sought-after ones. Alcoholic beverages like gins are readily available online. For instance, you can look into the gin of a reputed brand, the MOUNTAIN gin that contains pepper berry botanicals and mountain pine sourced from the distillery. It leads to the manufacture of a truly distinct kind of gin. Here are some different alcoholic drinks that people love to experiment with.


Vodka is a distilled liquor that’s colourless and clear. It doesn’t have a specific taste or aroma. Its alcoholic content ranges from 40 to 50 percent. All the flavouring substances are removed during the processing of this alcoholic beverage. Since it is highly neutral, it is made from inexpensive raw materials appropriate for fermentation. In the past, vodka got sourced from cereal grains or potatoes. Cereal grains are fermented for this purpose. This beverage was prevalent primarily in the Balkan States, Poland, and Russia until after World War II, when people began consuming it in the U.S and then in Europe. 


Whiskey is a product of a mash of fermented cereal grains. It’s aged in containers made of wood, generally white oak. Every country produces whiskey differently. Thus, they differ in character due to variation in production method, nature, and type of the cereal grains. Straight whiskeys are mixed only with those from a similar distiller. 

Blended whiskeys consist of similar products created by varied distillers in varied periods. After it gets bottled from the casks, its ageing stops. A high-quality whiskey has around 40 percent alcohol.


A distilled spirit, gin is made from grains. Specialists use botanicals to flavour this beverage. This drink is famous for its pine flavour, which comes from juniper berries’ primary ingredient. Gin is available in various styles, from the London Dry gins to less piney modern gins. It’s best to always consider a gin from a distinguished brand, like Mountain gin that has undergone a short ageing process. It maintains the original character of such a gin. Such a barrel-aged gin contains medium toast American oak rounds to reveal the softer feelings of cinnamon and vanilla on the palate.


It is also a distilled spirit that specialists produce from fermented fruit juice. The fruit is often grapes, which makes brandy a distilled wine. Apart from grapes, other fruits like apricot, peach, and apple are also used. This distilled spirit gets produced in various styles worldwide like Cognac, Pisco, Armagnac, and others. Specialists classify Brandy as ‘flavoured’ brandy. 

You’ll find the taste sweet and fruity. It has the needed alcohol punch and the softness that a sweet wine imparts. The more the age of this beverage is, the more mellow its flavour becomes.


It’s a liquor distilled from sugar. The sugar used can be in the form of syrup or pure cane sugar. Irrespective of the base, rum has a flavour profile of toasted, sweet sugar. It’s one of the oldest distilled spirits. The utilization of sugarcane in this liquor differentiates it from other ones. A great majority of rum contains 40 percent alcohol (80 proof). 

The beverage is present in every country and region. Its sweetness varies from place to place. 

Although there is more variety in alcoholic beverages, the ones mentioned above are prominent. The taste and flavour of each drink are distinct from the other. That’s what makes each of them truly unique. 

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