4 Tips and Tricks Before You Go Off-roading in Discovery

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Off-roading is one of the fun activities you get to enjoy during any occasion of your choice. However, it’s not an easy activity, as you can imagine, and not all vehicles are valid for the experience. Discovery is one of the perfect vehicles when it comes to this tough activity. It’s designed to conquer the common difficulties in the dirt.

The unforgiving terrains in the wilderness require more than the usual preparation. Occasionally, you will drive through water, beach or desert sand, up or downhill, and many more challenging terrains. For this matter, you should put some things in place before setting out on the journey.

This post discusses the necessary actions you should take before embarking on the off-roading activity on your favorite Discovery. Read on.

Pack or Instal Essential Equipment

There are several challenges that you are most likely to encounter out there. Probably, you will require different equipment to handle different situations, thus, making it necessary to pack plenty of tools. For instance, you should pack the best defender roof rack based on the type of terrain you plan to encounter.

One or two spare tires are essential as you can mess with your wheels at any point of the trip. Also, a set of different terrain wheels can make the experience easier for you. No matter how high-end your vehicle is, without those classical wheels that provide the perfect traction you need in the wilderness, it will be no different from the normal small on-road ones.

Aftermarket bumpers are also essential for the merciless offroad drive. Usually, the factory bumpers are weak and can only prevent your vehicle from minor traffic accidents. Figuring the unfavorable terrains you’re likely to encounter, consider installing more powerful bumpers to protect your Discovery against rocks and trumps. Both front and back bumpers can be helpful for the trip.

A winch is another critical item during off-roading. Do not take anything to chance; therefore ensure to invest in the best quality winch that will help you in the recovery process anytime you need it. Also, consider going through some training to use it effectively.

There are many other tools and equipment that you should take with you. Ensure you find out everything you need for a successful trip.

Know Your Vehicle In and Out

Your Discovery has several features that you might not have exploited. Familiarising yourself with these features is another way to prepare for the off-road drive.

Checking on the fluid levels of your vehicle is critical before the onset of the journey.

Depending on the type of terrain you are about to tackle, your Discovery, being an off-road beast, has various key systems that play vital roles in the drive. Therefore, it would be of great importance if you consider revisiting your vehicle’s manual to understand all the keys that will help you in various terrains.

In the mission of understanding your vehicle well, you should find out more about the following functions;


With the unfavorable conditions that come along with off-roading, your vehicle’s traction becomes the most critical aspect that you need to understand well before setting off.

Depending on your Discovery model, your vehicle comes with either simple or complex traction control switches. Take your time to observe and learn how to change the traction levels based on the environmental situation.

However, traction uses either breaks or the 4×4 mechanisms to control the wheel slipping on any surface. Either way, you should familiarise yourself with how and when to apply any mechanism for a safe drive.

Locking Differentials

This function prevents the turning of the right and left wheel at a given point. For instance, when the vehicle is taking a corner, the wheels on the inside cover a shorter distance hence turning slowly compared to those outside the corner.

Therefore, you should know how to lock the hubs for a smooth off-roading experience.

Several other factors call for your consideration before setting off. Make sure you take a day or two to study the owner’s manual on the part of the off-roading functions to exploit all the necessary actions.

Understand the Terrain of Your Route

Having some knowledge of the route you’re going to take will allow you to plan yourself efficiently for the trip. There is no harm in doing some research to establish the kind of challenges that await you. It will allow you to know a bit of what you need for the activity.

You’ll not be the first one to take the same route. Therefore, inquire from those that have used the route. You can also peruse through some online pages, and you’ll be ready to leave.

While on it, you should also come out of your vehicle occasionally to examine the terrain ahead. If in water, walkthrough with a stick to determine the depth before getting yourself in trouble.

Prepare for the Worst Side of the Trip

Offroading has several challenges, especially for your life. At times you’ll have to fight with the wild animals, unfavorable weather conditions, and sometimes even fires. Therefore you should always equip yourself with the right equipment to fight the worst scenarios.

At times you need to jump out of your vehicle through the window. You might need to break the glasses to save your life. Make sure you have the right tools for the same purpose next to you. There are times when a fire breaks out of your car, and you need to put it off; a fire extinguisher comes in handy in this circumstance.

Keeping warm is another aspect to consider. Make sure you carry warm clothes with you to keep the unforgiving weather on the look.

Your first aid kit should be part of your vehicle in preparation for the dark side of the trip. Ensure you equip the kit with the necessary materials.

Wrap Up

You can make off-roading the best moment ever if you prepare well before the journey. With the right equipment, your Discovery will give you the best service in the wilderness. Invest in the right and quality equipment and accessories and will not regret.

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