3 Secrets of App Store Optimisation

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App Store Optimisation is a strategic tool that only a minority of mobile app developers use to boost the promotion and marketing of their mobile apps on app stores. App Store Optimisation, in simple terms, helps your mobile application be easily discovered and explored by members of the public.

1. Use the same name

When referring to your mobile app, use the same name in the app store description, mobile app promotional website, and all other marketing and promotional channels.

This consistency will make it easier for search engines (app store and others) to quickly identify, recognize and guide potential users to download your mobile app.

Mobile app owners must consider capital letters, numbers, and fonts to present a very unified and methodical approach to the brand name.

When choosing to name a mobile app, always remember that it does not link to any negative meaning across all languages as that could significantly impact the success of your mobile app.

For example, if you are a mobile app developer based in Melbourne, then app development in Melbourne would be a good name.

2. Insert related keywords

Keywords are critical in order to make your app more easily discoverable.

In order to begin the keyword process, you must first find and locate any similar mobile applications in your desired region.

It is then possible to figure out the main keywords related to that kind of app. Then you can create your list of keywords that would be used by those trying and attempting to find and download your app on any app store.

When you are compiling a list of keywords, make sure to place yourself in the shoes of your target market and try and think about what search terms they would enter. This will help you to understand the most related keywords better.

Having listed the keywords, it is then imperative that you include the most important ones in your promotional website and app store description. In fact, not only in those places but across all digital marketing materials where space permits.

3. Enhanced App Store Description

Your mobile app’s app store description can be considered the holy grail of app store optimization.

A clear and attractive app store description can differentiate simply browsing and converting interest into action by downloading your mobile app.

An ideal app store description would be not too long or not too short. It must provide all the essential information required to enable a user to quickly understand the purpose of the mobile app, what problem it solves and how they may benefit from using your mobile app.

Make sure your sentences are short and use basic, more straightforward language that is not technical. This makes reading easy and convenient, thereby helping aspiring users to decide to take action and download rapidly.  

If you are still unsure about App Store Optimisation Elegant Media, an Australian mobile app developer can guide you.

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