3 Essential Bike Repair Tools That Every Rider Should Have

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Cycling is a popular and safest method of transport in Australia. As per research conducted in 2019, approximately 3.43 million Australians ride bicycles for recreation or transportation in a typical week. Additionally, in 2017, cycling participation was about 34.2 percent. A survey in 2020 suggests that 40. 1 percent rode a bicycle at least once a year. So, if you have a bike, you will require certain tools to maintain your cycle. You can purchase tools like lubes from online brands like Morgan Blue in Australia. After all, when you buy the essential bike repair tools, it means that you are saving a lot of money and time by fixing it yourself. So, read further to know the tools for repair.

Bike pumps: Do you enjoy riding a bike? If you do, then you might require a reliable bike pump. The cycle pumps come in different designs and features like other cycling equipment. So, you must choose the one suitable for your needs and requirements. The bike pumps include a track, hand, frame, and shock pump. Track pumps are referred to as floor pumps and are the most common types. You will find them to be handy in various tasks. Apart from pumping up the tires, you can use them to inflate toys or a small pool for your little ones. They feature a pressure gauge, a large flexible hose and a large chamber to transfer air swiftly. This pump is a must-have for cyclists. When it comes to hand pumps, they are designed to be small, compact and light. Plus, you can use them in cases of emergency. You can add a flexible hose to alleviate the air pressure in this pump. As the name suggests, frame pumps can be mounted inside the bike frame’s triangle. They are very large and extremely effective. Since they are durable and practical, you can easily carry them with you anywhere on your rides. They can transfer air swiftly and generally see on touring bikes and steel roads. When it comes to shock pumps, they are designed to exert huge pressure. They are compact and have a minute volume.

  1. Furthermore, they are great for suspension or precision pumping. You can utilize them on mountain bikes with air suspension. If the pressure is 300 psi, you can regulate it by finding the right pressure and fine-tuning it.
  2. Tire levers: One of the inevitable parts of cycling is getting a flat tire. Hence, you require tire levers. You can find levers made of steel or hard plastic. The steel core for tires makes it difficult to remove, whereas the hard plastic ones are sold in two or three sets. Depending upon the brand, they feature a curved end for slipping under the tire’s lips and can be fully squared or rounded. Several tire levers can be secured to a spoke for leverage if they have a small hook.
  3. Bicycle lubes: You will find different lubricants essential for the maintenance of bicycles. They include chain lubricants, grease, and all-purpose lubricants. If you want to buy lubes, you can look at online brands such as Morgan Blue in Australia. When it comes to chain lubricants, you will find dry and wet variants. Wet lubes are utilized for wet conditions, whereas dry ones are used for dry conditions. If you want a heavier and waterproof lubricant, you can purchase grease. They allow the moving parts of the bikes to run freely and prevent claims from “cold-welding” and seizing up. You require all-purpose lubricants for your brake cables to shift smoothly and free up a sticking brake cantilever. When it comes to all types of oils, you must ensure to clear off any excess as it can run down onto brake pads or other areas.

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