11 things that will lower your chances of leaving a good impression in a job interview

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Finding a job takes a lot of time and effort, so when you receive the long-awaited invitation to a job interview, you should do your best to leave a good impression.

From the way you speak to the way you smile, everything really influences what kind of impact you will make. It’s interesting that some small details, which you might not think are important, affect the overall picture the interviewers will make about you.

Small things that can affect the decision in the job interview:

1. Attending an interview without making research about the job and company prima mebel

Even though you might have all the necessary qualifications for the job position, you will not make a good impression if you show that you didn’t take the time or the effort to learn more details about the company itself. You might go to many interviews, but always take the time to learn something about the job position and the company culture.

2. Have you muted your phone?

It’s really not okay to have your favorite song playing in the middle of a business conversation. No matter how your prima mebel phone rings, it is not okay to interrupt the interview.

3. The choice of clothes you wear bk mebel

The choice of clothes is also very important to make a good first impression. You don’t have to go overboard with it, you don’t have to put on a suit and tie, but dressing inappropriately in ripped jeans and a rumpled t-shirt is the wrong choice definitely.

4. Being too personal with the interviewers

While friendliness and humour never hurt anybody, in a job interview, you need to avoid being too casual. Keep in mind that your interviewer could become your manager (or the recruiter will bk mebel be passing on their feedback to your potential future employer) so behave in a friendly and respectful manner, and always keep it professional.

5. Amount of perfume

Of course, you should smell good in an interview. but make sure that you put on a discreet perfume, not one that dominates the room and suffocates or distracts the interviewer.

6. Jewelry and accessories

Big and eye-catching jewellery is not simpo mk appropriate for a job interview, choose a more discreet option.

7. Tattoos and piercings simpo mk

Not every employer understands that tattoos and piercings are a personal choice, so it’s a good idea to hide them under simpo mk your clothes especially if you’re applying for a bank teller-type job.

8. Choice of shoes

There’s really no need to wear sandals with open toes or some eccentric boots at a job interview. Avoid wearing anything that will really draw attention.

9. Being late or arriving at the last minute

Time management is a key characteristic of good employees, so you must arrive a little earlier to make a good impression.

10. Body language

Body language tells a lot about your personality. Be confident, sit up straight and smile discreetly. Before the interview, inform yourself about some body language tactics and signs.

11. Not asking any question simpo

Going into an interview without asking even one question may leave an impression that you are not interested in the job position and the company. Show that you are really interested in gaining the job by asking some questions about the details of the job responsibilities, or the culture in the workspace.

Try these tips to make a good impression in any interview you make!

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