100 Shots Cake


Cake fireworks consist of multiple shot tubes linked together internally by an internal reserve fuse and encased in cellophane or paper (to be removed according to instructions), often featuring clay bungs at their bases for safe firing. They typically range in duration from several seconds up to over one minute of nonstop action!

Super Finale

Your fast-action super finale cake has finally arrived! This massive NOAB features 63 nonstop shots of pure pyro joy that build to an incredible finale of gorgeous, long-lasting Nishiki Kamuro shells filling the sky – sure to be one of your guests’ most significant and most impressive displays this year! Light the fuse and run! Also includes a particular 25th-episode bonus challenge! -Scoreboards, countdown timers, and countdown music are included for added excitement.


Turbulence is a type of fluid flow characterized by eddies, swirls, and flow instabilities that disrupt standard water flow patterns. Turbulence occurs both naturally and artificially across an array of applications, such as rising cigarette smoke or water passing through arteries, waterfalls, or blood flowing in human bodies, and all terrestrial atmospheric recirculation. Turbulence also appears as part of fluid dynamics analysis for vehicles like cars or airplanes – both natural and artificially created forms are equally susceptible.

Turbulent flow is an everyday part of nature and can even be beneficial. For example, automobiles benefit from turbulent airflow by decreasing drag, thus becoming more fuel-efficient due to increased friction between airflow and moving parts, while smooth flows reduce it.

However, some forms of turbulence can be harmful. Mechanical turbulence occurs when wind flows over uneven terrain or manmade structures such as buildings and hangars, causing sudden gusts of wind that create unsteady flying conditions when traveling in an aircraft over it. This form of turbulence often creates erratic flight conditions when an aircraft crosses it.

Turbulence in a given environment is determined by a ratio between inertial forces and viscous forces that resist changes in fluid velocity, known as the Reynolds number. Once this ratio exceeds an idealized threshold (depending on application topology and fluid properties), turbulence becomes apparent; this threshold value is called a critical Reynolds number; its value can be empirically determined, yet it is beneficial when designing fluid flow equipment.

Mini Color Pearls

This timeless item features 100 mini-color pearls shot out of one tube – making it the ideal way to add some class and sparkle to any show!

Pearls are known for their feminine vibration and can help restore equilibrium to both auras and etheric bodies. Pearls also enhance psychic sensitivity, intuition, and creativity while heightening imagination and creativity. Pearls can be particularly helpful during menstrual cycles as they help ease emotional discomfort associated with menstruation cycles.

Green pearls symbolize balance, nature, hope, and renewal – the ideal combination for anyone attempting to begin or enhance personal development. Yellow pearls encourage creativity and optimism, while blue ones represent clarity, happiness, and mental clarity. Gold pearls embody elegance and wealth – perfect for those drawn to finer things in life and shielding against negative energy or people; gold ones have a strong resonance with the moon, which helps protect from negative people or energies as well. Especially helpful in treating digestive system disorders or skin conditions from minor blemishes to severe scarring issues caused by hostile forces like negative people or points; gold pearls make an elegant choice that may help address problems related to digestive tract issues or skin issues caused by other factors besides scarring from other sources besides.