10 Factors That Affect The Life Of Your Roof

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Ever wondered why your roof needs regular maintenance and repair? Keeping aside the fact that they are always exposed to the sun, they can also endure a lot of natural adversities that can affect the roof’s life.

Roof supports our ceiling, and this is that part of our house which we cannot let crumble. It is one of the sturdiest parts of our home, and we must invest in taking extra care of this area.

If you want to know the things that can essentially affect the health of your roof from the time of its installation, then you have reached the right place. 

Underneath elaborated are ten factors that can affect the health of your roof and how you should avoid some of them.

Factors That Can Affect The House

These ten factors are the ones that can affect a roof the most. However, there are some elements that you can prevent by proper maintenance.

Along with some elements, we will discuss some of the solutions that experts swear by.

1 . Ventilation

The ventilation of a roof plays a crucial role in determining its health. It is not only centric to the air it can receive for the tiles or shingles to breathe, but it also affects the concrete base of the roof deck.

If you don’t have proper ventilation, your roof can get numerous dry rots which ultimately results in the wreckage of the rooftop. A solution to this problem would be collaborating using a great company – LOA Construction, and getting the proper ventilation for your roof.

Air and moisture can affect the roof, but too much dryness is also harmful. Your roof needs to breathe as well.

2 . Slope

This is the angle of the roof, and the slope changes according to the climate of the area. The pitch measures the steepness in the slope, and in regions with a high density of snowfall, a high pitched slope is preferred.

Higher pitch roofs are more long-lasting than flat roofs. This is because the slope will get rid of all the collected water, snow, and dust better. The water resistance of the top is extremely important to prevent water retention, and it is best done with high-pitched slopes.

3 . Climatic Exposure

Being an external part of the house, the roof ensures harsh climatic adversities. Whether it is hail, thundering or bewildering heat, the top gets it first. One day it is raining, and the next day it is sunny. These can create a lot of problems with the concrete or tiles.

The constant changes can create cracks and crevices, which could rot. A good way to avoid this problem is inspection. Regular inspection can help you avoid these problems that arise with climatic change.

4 . Weather

Weathers can be excessive at times, and again it is the roof that has to resist them. Roofs can get slightly damaged after a heavy thunderstorm, rain, or hail.

The best way to avoid this is by inspecting the roof immediately after a rough weather day. First, check the beams, the valley of the roof. Clean out the debris that could have accumulated in the corners.

5 . Proper Maintenance

Your roof could be built with an iron-clad guarantee, but that doesn’t mean it will remain good as new forever. You will have to maintain it regularly to keep it in top shape.

Wild vegetation, uncleaned gutters, and roof valleys are common reasons for an almost wrecking roof. These can create cracks within the concrete and damage the deck. At times, it can even damage the roof frame and the beam.

These are some of the key reasons regular maintenance is essential for your roof.

6 . Material

The material of your roof is a major factor for its health, mostly because the material has to complement the environment and the house ceiling.

If the material is too heavy for the roof frame, the damage can be catastrophic. Plus, if the material is not appropriate for the weather, then your roof will lose its health sooner.

You should always consult a professional before choosing the material for the roof.

7 . How It Was Installed

Did you ask for help from a credible professional source, or did you try to do it yourself? Whether it is the tile or the making of the roof deck, if not placed properly, it is more prone to damage.

Make sure that the installation of your roof is flawless and the base is prepared with perfection. Or else things can go south really soon.

8 . External Factors

Some external factors include wild vegetation on the roof, birds’ nests, or seed in the roof’s gutters. These act like the most damaging elements for your roof, and they need to be eradicated.

A regular inspection is the best way to get rid of them.

9 . Age

Age is a contributing factor when it comes to the health of your roof. You won’t be able to justify a proper installation if the age of the house has crossed more than three decades.

The only way to rectify this is to replace your roof and help a professional custom home designer.

10 . Roof Orientation

The roof orientation depends on the side of your slope. If the pitch is south facing, it is prone to sun exposure and easily melts the snow.

However, this can be a problem when making a south-faced slanting slope for the tropical region.

Final Note

The health of your roof can be affected by many other factors other than these few, but these are the most important elements. The important suggestion is maintenance because you will navigate the roof’s health and identify a problem beforehand with proper care.

Additionally, don’t forget the regular inspections. 

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